McDonald’s Minion Toys Accused Of Cussing

Perhaps it’s because the characters the Minions toys are based on have always worked for bad guys, but the new Minions toys from McDonald’s are being accused of uttering some rather nasty words. Parents in Florida and Ohio have filed a report that one of the things the talking toy say is “What the f—?” “It turned out to be a toy that decided to talk profanity,” Florida grandparent Bradley Merten told local Orlando ABC affiliate WFTV. “I can’t believe it’s coming out of a toy.”

The talking toy is as a promotion for the upcoming Universal studios picture. A number of families are claiming that they heard the expletive as clear as day. Parents and grandparents have all said they took the toy away as soon as they heard it. For it’s part, McDonald’s said the toys are not actually cussing but they are speaking Minionese. The company says it knows exactly what the toy is saying and the three phrases are “Para la bukay,” “Ha ha ha,” and “Eh eh.”