Game Of Thrones Star Makes A Terrible, But Hilarious Joke, While Fans Rejoice In Talks Of Prequel

Although Game of Thrones was harsh this season with a number of shocking events, as one would expect from the popular show, one of the most heartbreaking moments was when Stannis Baratheon, previously a fan favorite, put his own daughter – Shireen Baratheon on the steak and burned her to death in order to retake the Iron Throne with the help of magic. Whether he succeeded or not, only time can tell as this death scene was rather controversial in its own manner, but speculations aside, the fact of the matter is that fans are not in any way over the cruel death of Shireen.

The actress who plays Stannis’ daughter, Kerry Ingham, managed to understand that first hand, as she enraged thousands of fans and had to publicly apologize after she made a premature joke regarding the death of her character.
In a Twitter post, the actress posted a photo, as seen above, of her standing next to the flames of a barbecue, pretending to be caught in the blaze. “Oh ffs not again,” read the twitter post. Which, while funny, received an overwhelming response that the joke was made way too soon. However, the attention of fans was quickly steered in another direction a few moments later, as HBO officials stated that the show will have at least two seasons and might get an additional prequel season.

“There’s enormous storytelling to be mined in a prequel, ” Michael Lombardo, the programming expert of the series stated. “I would be open to anything that Dan and David wanted to do – about Game of Thrones, or any subject matter.”

All in all, Game of Thrones fans have to simply enjoy the fact that there are at least three seasons left of the show. However, everyone almost unanimously agrees that a prequel season would be simply awesome.