1000 Musicians Play Foo Fighters’ ‘Learn To Fly’ at the Same Time

Some friendly YouTubers have translated David’s video into English: Hello Cesena, I’m David. I’m sorry, I don’t speak Italian… just a little. That video was beautiful, thank you so much! We’re coming to you, I promise. We’ll meet soon. Thank you so much. Much love, ciao!

  That’s 1000 die-hard Foo Fighters fans singing/shredding/drumming their hearts out for one common goal: So that the Foo Fighters will come and play a show for them in Italy.

Created by Fabio Zaffagnini, Rockin’ 1000 intends to entice Dave Grohl and the Foos to come to Italy and put on a show in the northern Italian city of Cesena. In the works for almost a year, their crowd-funding video/call to action can be seen below.

Gathering over 1000 people for any unified reason is hard enough, not to mention having them play the same song in synchronicity. To bring together 1000 musicians and have them, even for a few minutes, work together with a common goal and without ego simply so that a band will put on a concert is simply breathtaking.

How will the Foo Fighters respond? We can only hope they are already making plans to visit Cesena and rock each and every Italian sock off. Will Dave’s still-broken leg cause complications? Wait, what am I saying. We’ve already covered the fact Dave Grohl is a Rock & Roll god and frivolous things like major injuries cannot stop him, and even his doctors take the time to rock out.

How can anyone say no to such an earnest and incredible request? We imagine the only reason the Foo Fighters wouldn’t be able to answer the request with a show would be tour conflicts or some sort of record label interference. Still, bookending this story with a show is probably the best PR for all involved. How awesome is the Rockin’ 1000!? Does this mark a new trend of groups of people “banding” together to have their favorite artists come perform for them? We kind of hope so. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Posted by Blake Rodgers