ARTIST OF THE DAY - Risa Binder Sings Cosmopolitan Country

Risa Binder Sings Cosmopolitan Country-pop Songs on 'Nashville', funny-yet-sultry, and homey-yet-celebrity vibe to her. It makes sense, because while the Maryland native originally took her talent to New York City to make it big, she landed in Nashville, Tennessee, and fell for the city so hard that she named her latest EP after Music City.

And the pretty-yet-kooky schtick that Dolly Parton was so successful at may be Binder’s path to the top as well; she produces the hilarious web series "Check Please!,"  where she retells terrible first date encounters. Binder, who is currently touring as the opening act for country legend Ronnie Milsap ("It's been super fun meeting new friends and fans on the road!") talks to Myspace about her committed fans, writing her first songs about crushes, and,  uh, being bad at shaving her legs.

Hometown: Columbia, Maryland

Current residence: Nashville, Tennessee and Brooklyn, New York

When did you first realize you were a singer and wanted to perform for an audience?

I grew up doing community theatre with my family starting when I was 6 and got to be Molly in Annie. It was such an incredible experience I knew I wanted to perform from that moment on.