23 Live On URL Shortening Services

Having a long URL can be a hurdle in marketing your website, especially on social media. As you are sharing links to your website, it limits your marketing activities to a large extent. Take for instance Twitter that limits your Tweet with character limits.
As its name suggests, a link shortening tool curtail your long-tail link and shrink it into a shorter version, it saves you a valuable 50 characters for a shorter version of the website. This means ten more words for Tweet or Facebook post. We can conclude that having a short link of your website means saying more about your brand.
Though, there are a number of link shortening tools available on internet, there are some which has more features than the others. Some of them deserve a mention here:
1. Goo.gl
Goo.gl is a link shortening service by Google. This free service by Google is more than just a link-shortening tool. It offers you insights on clicks of your URL. The good thing is that it provides a simple and hassle-free process. All you need is a Google account and you can start using this tool.
2. Bit.ly
Bit.Ly is one of the most widely-used link shortening tools. Created in 2008, it claims to have half a billion of users. The website offers ‘Bitly Enterprise’ which provides several advanced features to users that include branded domain, click analytics, audience insights and mobile-friendly links.
3. Tiny.cc
One of the oldest URL shortening services, Tiny.cc was formed in 2002 by Kevin Gilbertson to curtail long links. Apart from a link shortening service, the website has a variety of other features to facilitate marketers. The most prominent among them include:
  • Custom domain for branding your service
  • Cloak URL that keeps your affiliate link confidential to your competitors
The tool also provides insightful data about conversions as well as measuring success of your advertising campaigns.
4. Ow.ly
Owl.ly is a brainchild of Hootsuite team. With hootsuite, it offers more than just link shortening service. The users can use it as an all-inclusive service for link management as it includes features such as audience analytics, link sharing insights and conversations etc. The good thing about this tool is that you can use it while staying on Hootsuite dashboard.
5. Is.gd
Is.gd is yet another link shortening service which makes your URL more manageable so that you can easily share it on social media and enhance your branding. The service also offers visitor’s stats related to your link since its creation. It is a free link shortening tool.