World Cup: Congratulations Team USA!

The U.S. Women's soccer team defeated Japan 5-2 on Sunday, winning the nation's third Women's World Cup title!
What better way to celebrate Independence Day than with a massive win for America the day after the Fourth of July! It's like the Miracle on ice hockey game in 1980 when America defeated the Soviet Union, or when Rocky knocked out Ivan Drago!
It was the perfect mix of excitement, patriotism and record breaking dominance.
U.S. team captain Carli Lloyd set the Women's World Cup record with an astounding three goals in just the first 16 minutes of the game, which took place in Vancouver, Canada. This makes her the first woman to ever score a hat trick in a World Cup final, and it was also the fastest hat trick ever scored in either women's or men's World Cup history. She also broke the record for the fastest player to ever score a goal.
With this win, America also became the first country to win the world championship three times!
The excitement was palpable in the stadium. In fact, as pointed out by many on Twitter, this super-patriot American Eagle perfectly summed up every U.S. fan's feelings about the first half.