Police Officer Writes A Three-Year-Old Boy A Parking Ticket

A rebellious biker by the name of Declan Tramley was riding his ‘motorcycle’ on a hot, summer day when he came back with every driver’s biggest dread: a parking ticket. The young biker from Canada loves riding his red, shiny toy motorcycle around the neighborhood. In the photo, Declan raised his hand to express his exasperation when he received a parking ticket from Constable Shawn Currie because the tot illegally parked in the ferry terminal’s ‘No Parking Zone’ in Halifax, Canada.

No need to worry, this was all done in good fun and the little tyke won’t need to worry about actually paying for the ticket. It was just a lighthearted reminder for other bikers to follow the rules. The photo of the ‘ruthless’ rebel biker went viral after the Halifax Regional Police posted the photo in their Official Facebook Page of the ‘citation’, stating: “Remember, you cannot park your motorcycle in the circle by the ferry terminal.”

Declan is now the famous parking ticket Halifax boy, but we sure hope he won’t get into any ticket troubles when he grows older!