Stunt Biker Ignores Physics And Rides On Massive Waves

Once upon a time, people used to push the limits of technology and willpower to make huge strides in transportation. Now that we can travel quickly on land, across seas, in air, and into space, some bold craftsmen and daredevils would rather use that ingenuity to stick it to the laws of physics, just because they can. That seems to be the case with stunt biker Robbie Maddison, who combined his love of surfing with his love of motocross to do the impossible.

Notably, the stunt was accomplished without the use of magic. Through several iterations and trials, Maddison and his team built a bike with custom skis, rudders, and a paddle-laden rear tire to cart its driver across the waves of Teahupo’o — a Tahitian village whose waters have already claimed several lives. 

Maddison admitted in an interview that he feared for his life — and rightfully so — but even if he didn’t exactly push mankind toward the final frontier, that doesn’t make his stunt any less incredible to watch. Check the amazing video out down below and prepare to be amazed.