Slackline Walker Nearly Plummets 950ft During Stunt

This incredible footage shows the moment when high wire artist Spencer Seabrooke almost fell to his death during a recent stunt. The event was a record breaking attempt at tightrope walking without using a safety line over the Chief North Gully in Canada.

While making his way slowly across the 210ft wire, the 26-year-old loses his balance with his feet giving way beneath him. Luckily, he manages to just cling on to the rope and is able to quickly get back onto his feet and carry on with stunt, breaking the current world record by 7ft in the process.

“Without a doubt, it’s the fear of falling that keeps you alive. There’s no lines at all, so if I hadn’t caught the line in those moments, I would’ve been mashed potatoes after a seven-second free fall.“