APPLE iPhone 5c For the colourful

Our story:
Smartphone became prevalent and many branded screen protectors sprung up to embrace the era of big screen protector. Since then, we have tried a substantial number of branded screen protectors made all over the world and not a single one of them could protect screen at the highest extent of coverage in the areas of receiver, front camera, front photo detector or other tailor-made keys. Therefore, like-minded friends forming a team began to develop and make new type of screen protector in spare time at a workshop owned by a friend, and the end product received very positive feedback from friends and relatives in free trial. Naturally, to advocate this wonderful experience, we launched GEARMAXX WORKSHOP to make GEARMAXX WORKSHOP SCREEN PROTECTOR as many as possible. We hope this tiny gear could bring user maximized enjoyment.
Our product:
Our philosophy is to serve every touch screen either by hand or object. Therefore, our screen protector shall be applicable to any flat electronic screen, whether it is smart phone, digital camera, tablet PC, notebook or other IT products. Precision, Personality and Performance make us fastidious about complex and ever-changing cutting technique to realize maximized coverage of screen. The goal is have your product protected in every possible aspect and ensure a long-lasting use. Because that is the kind of experience we want our customer have and it also reflects the core value of our product.
Our commitment:
We are committed to initiating everything based on your experience. Your criticism or opinions are regarded as valuable asset and stepping stone to us. Both our product and its design are unique; all quality standards are made based on experience of end user. Without user's approval and affirmation, our development can't be sustainable; your reorganization is quintessential to help us break market hurdles and build a trust-worthy accessory brand.
Every feature we add to iPhone must answer yes to one question: Will it make the experience better? So the colors of iPhone 5c received the same intense consideration we apply to everything we make. We even designed the Home screen and wallpaper colors to complement the…APPLE iPhone 5c For the colourful.