The Italian plumber's - New Super Mario Odyssey

One of the first locations we see is New Donk City, a bustling metropolis filled with yellow taxis and busy commuters. Mario looks hilariously out of place as he launches off car bonnets and swings across streetlights, yet it’s charming to see our cartoonish plumber plunged into such a realistic environment. Well, for Mario anyway. From there we see a dusty western town, exotic forests and gorgeous gem-filled expanses. As we said before, all of these can be reached by using your trusty airship.

During the reveal trailer Mario can be seen walking into a hat store, so it’s safe to assume that many of his powers will be tied to the use of different headwear. Previous Mario titles have relied on mechanical staples such as this, so it’d be great to see Mario’s wardrobe of fabulous hats fleshed out to perform different tasks and attacks. It would also explain its prominence in the game’s logo artwork.

Nintendo just released details for its upcoming Switch console, and even announced a few games to go with it. One of those games is “Super Mario Odyssey,” and it looks absolutely incredible.

Here’s the gorgeous trailer for ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ — the first Mario game for Nintendo Switch