I Learn FlashDevelop 5.2.0

This release is a large one due to the highly active contributors, lots of fixes and improvements and new features included. Once again as this is a major release we will follow up with minor releases asap if needed and big thanks go to our awesome contributors and supporters!

HaxeDevelop is a custom distribution of FlashDevelop for Haxe devs. Read more at: http://www.haxedevelop.org.

Note to customizers:

* FD5 is compatible with FD4 but we highly suggest doing a clean install when coming from FD4.
* You should only use syntax themes made for FD 4.3+

Features, fixes and improvements: (changes)

* Inline renaming support added
* Improved modifier order options in code generation
* Optimized HaxeDevelop setup package, cruft removed
* Haxelib installation capabilities added to AppMan
* Refactoring, parsing, code completion and generation improvements and bug fixes
* All purpose code formatter (AStyle) added for other C like languages (Haxe, JS, C#, CPP, etc...)
* Document tabs with long filenames is now compacted better
* Restart required button added to the right corner of the toolbar
* Loom templates, snippets and plugin removed from default install and added to an extension
* Move refactoring can now use a package name syntax
* Global themable scrollbars added for most controls
* Project dropdown size theme settings added
* Added a settings for max recent files
* Error on save for hidden files fixed
* Save configurations on dialog close
* Restore FD position regarding multiple monitors
* Added a setting to keep caret centered
* Document scroll state is now restored
* CSS completion and coloring improvements
* Added a "Custom Command Prompt" setting
* FDBuild fixes and improvements on Linux
* Added support for AIR and FP 22+23

+ Gazillion other fixes and improvements

NOTE: Some translations are partly out of date.

Contributor credits:

See: https://github.com/fdorg/flashdevelop/g ... ntributors

Future plans:

* Complete project solutions (pt.2)
* Good mobile projects integration


* Microsoft .NET 3.5 runtime is now required, even if you already have .NET 4.0 installed.
* Java 1.6+ 32-bits is required for the Flex compiler and the Debugger for ActionScript 3 development.
* You can install SDK's and other related software from the AppMan (Tools -> Install Software...)
* SourceControl plugin depends on TortoiseSVN and TortoiseGit.

:!: If you think the program is good, please donate some money for this project. :!:

Download: (Build 3)

Download FlashDevelop 5.2.0 Setup
Download FlashDevelop 5.2.0 Zip

Install for Mac and Linux with CrossOver:
https://www.codeweavers.com/compatibili ... p_id=13502

Mac/Linux native helper (Bridge v2):

http://www.flashdevelop.org/wikidocs/in ... tle=Bridge