Flash "Boat Invasion" Tower Defense Game

Tower defense game experts required! There are 50 waves of boats about to hammer your defenses. The big question is – can you hold out? Boat Invasion is an intense, immersive and very challenging tower defense-based strategy game where you play as the last line of Resistance against hordes of invading sail boats. Acting as the Supreme Defense Commander, you have to carefully position powerful turret guns along the riverbank in order to defend your acreage against wave after wave of invaders threatening to wreak devastation upon your once peaceful land.

Good strategy is the absolute cornerstone of a successful defensive unit. You have to be instinctively able to identify any possible weak spots, and then reduce the risk of the enemy breaking through by acting quickly to place new turrets in the correct positions. As well as the steel-like mental fortitude required (top concentration & discipline), you also need to be ready to rock and roll with super-quick mouse movements and slick decisive action. Go Defense!

How to Play: There are 4 progressively difficult levels / maps, and in each level, you must survive 50 waves of increasingly powerful enemy boats. Each time an enemy boat completes a full circuit and reaches the bottom of the game screen, you lose some Health from the bar at the top. Therefore, in order to stop the enemy vessels in their tracks, you must place turret guns in good strategic positions along the river bank. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click on the turret gun of your choice from the list of available weapons on the right hand side of the play area. Then, click on the area of the map you want to place your turret gun.

Once you are ready to defend, click on the ‘Next Wave’ button in the bottom right corner. As enemy boats approach, your turret guns automatically open fire once the enemy is within range. Placing turret guns costs virtual money ($), which is earned by eliminating enemy boats. You can increase the speed of the approaching enemies by clicking on the Menu Button in the bottom right corner. From here, you can toggle the ‘Speed Bar’ higher or lower. If you survive all 50 waves of enemy boats, you progress to the next level. However, if your defenses are consistently breached, your Health (Lives) Bar is reduced. Once this Bar is empty, it’s game over.