Australian Police Given $450,000 McLaren Supercar

Criminals in Australia might struggle to outrun police now that the New South Wales force has taken possession of a McLaren 650S supercar. The vehicle is valued at a staggering $450,000 and can reach 60mph in less than 3 seconds thanks to a huge V8 engine, meaning it is one of the fastest police cars in the world.

New South Wales Police confirmed to news agencies in Australia that they had indeed been donated the car from the manufacturer but it won’t be used in active duty. Instead, officers are using the McLaren as a promotional tool as they seek to raise money for the families of police who have died in the line of duty. They were also keen to stress that it comes at no cost to the taxpayer as the car was given to them as a gift.

The sports car isn’t the only expensive vehicle that police force has though. Patrol officers have already been able to use an Audi RS4 and a Porsche Panamera that were donated to them, while they also have a special edition Ford GT-F that is actually more powerful than the McLaren. It is even in active duty acting as a highway patrol car, so any police chases aren’t likely to last very long in that part of the country.