First Animal Terminal Opening At JFK Airport

The world is about to witness the launch of the very first animal terminal in the entire world at JFK Airport, reports CNN. Dogs, cats, and a wide range of other pets will have a spot to run around and enjoy while waiting for their delayed flight. It’s too bad humans don’t get this type of treatment at JFK.

John F. Kennedy International Airport is about to introduce their new terminal, which has been entitled The Ark. The Ark will allow all types of pets to pass through with an opportunity to explore a bit of luxury before the flight. The entire facility is 178,000 square feet and will include showers, a massage area, a paw-shaped dog swimming pool, and flat-screen televisions for the animals to watch pet channels and whatnot. There is even a larger space for cattle and horses.

Unfortunately, only animal guests are allowed. Animals can stay there for up to $100 a day. The price includes a human-sized bed for your dog, a framed picture of your entire family so the animal doesn’t miss you while you’re away, and more.