How to Easily Charge balance free Payoneer $300 $1000 per week

Many of us have signed up Payoneer many months but the balance is still 0, because do not know how to use it to find dollars, my own use Payoneer to accommodate liquid dollars from Amazon and infolinks.

Some time ago I got the info that there are other websites that can accept payment directly to the Payoneer card, his name clicksure, sort CPA, following the example screenshot of payments that have been liquid from the program, as evidence that online business is not a scam clicksure

The dashboard display clicksure

Clicksure and Clickbank now can pay our income via ATM Master Card from Payoneer, so no need to use checks anymore and do not need to have a bank account to earn income.

My experience melt Cheque from Clickbank takes more than one month and considerable expense. When I melted via contact with the bank charges $30 and about $25 more than his clickbank. With this payment via ATM it will be much faster and efficient, Payment via ATM only takes 1-2 days without contact with cutting costs again. Also very easy to follow anyone because it does not need to have a bank account to receive money.

See examples of clickbank payment I received via Payoneer above.

Here are tips to get the balance / balance Payoneer $1,000 / week

1. Please join for free with

- A short guide to register Clicksure:

         Register affiliate in Clicksure here
         Content and Create a username, password, firstname, lastname and email
         Click "Create My Account" and check your email and activate the registration.
         Log in to Clicksure affiliate account and immediately upload the data verification form SCAN ID card or driver's license and rek electricity or water so that later payment of commission can clicksure directly in the process.

Make sure the name, address and other data based on ID and create your account username as a nickname or your ID later.

2 How to find a product to be promoted clicksure
You should look for products that pay a CPA in clicksure up to $300 per customer or clickbank product with 50% commission and commission value of more than $10 / sale.

=> How to find a product in Clicksure with commissions up to $300 / CPA

         Login to Clicksure affiliate
         Click on the "Marketplace"
         Choose a product with commission Type = CPA and click on the product name
         Get links to promote your product on the Default link = ....
         Save the link and you can promote to earn CPA commissions.
         You can find some products according Categories and select a CPA or CPL without the need to sell any products.

Some Examples of products CPA Clicksure:
 => Click then access this link, please signup for free and see how this software can generate income up to $3,000 per week automatically, you can make a review to promote this product and earn commission $250 CPA. Also promote other products as below. => $200 CPA Commission (Software) => $303 CPA (Make money) => $120 CPA (CPA Automatic Website) = $100 CPA (Hosting) = $40 CPA (Youtube) => $30 CPA (Marketing)

Some examples of products in clicksure al CPL: = $1 CPL (Marketing) = $1 CPL (Social media) = $4 CPL (Affiliate)

Please check each of the first link above, join and see what money products on offer so that you know the contents of the bid. The word "sh0m3d" is my usename and later you can replace with your own username if will be promoted.

Promote Products links CPA and CPL in clicksure and get as much commission as possible. If you promote CPA products with commission $300 per customer and the customer can get only 1 week then you can earn a commission $300 per week.