the first sports car from Qatar

Dream-the first sports car Prototype ' made in Qatar ' has officially introduced at the annual auto show in Doha Qatar Motor Show Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC), held 28 January to 1 February 2016.

Named Elibriea, the car is still in concept this is a two-door coupe type car designed by Abdul Wahab Ziaullah, a former Engineering student at Texas A&M Qatar (TAMUQ). He had the idea to design the Elibriea since the University was a College five years ago.

The interesting part of this is the Elibriea panel bodinya which are all made of carbon fiber that was forged with high technology. Great again, the whole body Elibriea coated metallic gold paint.

After doing extensive research and many refinements here and there, Ziaullah finally can resolve Elibriea design that looks futuristic.

Elibriea Assembly process itself takes two years after Ziaullah gets financial support from Ali Bin Ali Group.

With the engine from General Motors that are capable of producing 525 horsepower and overall weight of the car is only 997.9 kg, Elibriea really is a sports car dreams.

"All of the speed and weight of that ideal could be achieved thanks to the carbon-fibre technology is implemented not only in body panels, but also on components of COGS," says the official website Elibriea was quoted as saying the page

Initial tests of the so-called Ziaullah as ' first sports car from Qatar ' is done indoors, to monitor the handling of the vehicle.

After that Elibriea brought out in the streets around the industrial area of the airfield in Qatar and Al Khor.

"It turns out that Elibriea can be maneuvered with very good and perfect. Actually, as we would expect, "said Ziaullah keada Doha News.

Ziaullah, 27, get a scholarship of the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) in 2009 to develop the initial design prototypes of the car. And Elibriea is the answer Ziaullah. (Ism)