Megaman Next In Line For Video Game Movie

2015 has seen a couple of movies so far that aimed to bring video games to the silver screen — but neither of them have fared well. Both Pixels and Hitman: Agent 47 took a beating with critical reception and box office records; thanks to them, it’s looking like fans will never have the fabled “good video game movie” in hand. Despite failures past, 20th Century Fox is going to give it another go with one of gaming’s biggest icons: the Blue Bomber, Mega Man.

The character and the games at large have been around for almost thirty years, but the plots are usually simple: players take the role of a blue-clad gunman and use technology to deal with a slew of cybernetic villains. That gives Fox plenty of leeway, while talent is already lined up; Peter Chernin is set as a producer, no doubt because of his work with the recent Planet of the Apes movies. There’s still the question of who will direct and who will write, but at least it’s a start.

For the record, Mega Man is arguably the most famous creation of gaming company Capcom, even if he hasn’t had too many outings recently. 

With that said, Nintendo has recently expressed an interest in lending its characters to Hollywood, so it’s possible that Capcom wants the same brand awareness with the Blue Bomber. Granted that would actually require a movie to come out, but if the project doesn’t fade into the ether, maybe video game fans will finally have their dreams come true.